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So Long, Sheepshead Bay Road Sprint Store



The Sprint store at 1743 Sheepshead Bay Road closed up shop sometime in the last few weeks and is currently being gutted.

I don’t know why owner Dan Jacobs decided to pack up the shop, but we hope he’s on to bigger and better things. He was helpful when I last needed a phone – and apparently it wasn’t a unique experience. Some guy over here even dedicated an entire blog post to the guy, and drew a cartoon of him.

So long, Sprint, and best of luck, Dan.

Now, with all that construction going on, anyone know what’s on the way?


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  1. The owners in the next door AT&T store was fraud artists and schemers. BEWARE! do not buy from that store! Sprint left because they got caught up with that bad business! I cant wait until the Feds catch those owners!

  2. sheepshead bay road is a money laundering crap hole…dont you see how many stores open and close and fugazy banks at the other end..glad im outta there. my favorite was the very very high priced antique store next to ballys….yeah senior citizen living in brighton aprtments built in the 20’s are going to $5000 book ends.

  3. They are indeed a fraud and scam artists! They scammed me on over $500 and I almost beat the crap out of someone there and only then they returned my money. They do insurance fraud on the phones, and they upgrade people’s phones without them knowing. Beware indeed!

  4. Another person, probably a former native, who resents the fact, that the Sheepshead Bay area is booming, and despite some problems on Sheepshead Bay Road, will continue to boom, for a variety of reasons!

  5. EndofDaze,
    you’re right on point.
    He’s just another old grump complaining about everything and everyone.
    And Tony,you made the right choice by moving out.
    If you don’t like something, get the f*ck out. No one is begging you to stay in sheepshead area.

  6. its the vomit of the Ukraine…it was once a nice place 20 -30 years ago…store closing at that pace means they open dump money threw the store then closer up..everyone knows sheepshead bay road is a bathtub…I’ve heard it from other businesss owners…go to other cities for a year or two then come back to visit sheepshead and you’ll agree..its booming with dirt and sceaming Ukrainian crap that take advantage of the freedoms we have. Eer notice hom many medical mills there are. Why so many? because they take advantage of the no fault laws and the medicare / Medicaid recipients. doling out treatments on and on that are not needed and ruing the insurance industry..its the vomit of the Ukraine living there.

  7. does the current jewish Ukraine populace know that the area was the horse racing capitail ? when horseracing was a popular as baseball and boxing? nope I doubt. right on the footsteps of there shit apartments lies the ruins of hotels and race tracks of an era of anglo saxon rich men who summered here before the car …nope they’ll say the area was always Russian jewish…but they are so wrong and they hardly know of the immgrants that paved the way for them….what a shame such a sceaming kaning cut throat peoples that Russia dumped on us now populate ocean front communities…we have no one to blame but ourselves…we opened the doors to jewish immigrants from ukrain and Russia and then we seen retirement age jews on ocean front property because we appeased the fal of communism….nobody can argue this…..go back 20 years and whats strolling the boardwalk? old retired jews who paid no taxes or fought no wars on this front…
    its a Ukrainian vomit pitt sacrificed by our own govt because the coney island housing projects failed…readers trust me on this..i know what im talking about


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