Local Arrested For Vandalizing Borough President’s Car

An area resident went on an “antigovernment rampage”  in Downtown Brooklyn last Thursday, vandalizing 13 cars, including that of Borough President Marty Markowitz, his senior adviser and several judges.

The Post reports:

Alex Breytman, 46, was arrested Thursday afternoon in a state supreme court garage on Adams Street. The Ocean Parkway resident, believed to be emotionally disturbed, had on him a knife and a bottle of Zip Strip paint remover.
He was charged with 13 counts of criminal mischief. Each car suffered about $250 in damage, the sources said.

Breytman lives in an apartment building on Ocean Parkway, near Neptune Avenue. And, apparently, he has a history of instability.

Around this time last year, Breytman was in court suing a lawyer who previously represented him in a landlord-tenant dispute. The charges? Well, no one really figured that out, since they were presented in a slew of rambling “invectives,” according to Gothamist. Breytman bombarded his former attorney Donald Schecter with legal filings and letters, seeking more than $20 million, and accused him of anti-Jewish discrimination in the vein of “Gabble antiseptic rant against Jew in Germany.”

The Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice overseeing the case, Arthur Schack, interpreted that as a reference to Hitler’s minister of propaganda Joseph Goebbels, and ultimately ordered Breytman to stop suing his former lawyer.


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