Legendary Filmmaker Ralph Bakshi To Make New Film Set In Coney Island

Legendary filmmaker Ralph Bakshi is out to create an incredible new collection of animated shorts and he needs our help. His project is titled The Last Days of Coney Island, and he is trying to finance the movie through Kickstarter.

Bakshi, who grew up in Brooklyn, was the mastermind behind some of the technically greatest 2D adult-oriented movies ever made. He gained notoriety for his X-Rated 1972 masterpiece Fritz the Cat, which according to Wikipedia, is the most successful independent animated feature of all time.

Bakshi was also the genius behind the cult classic Lord of the Rings animated feature, animated masterpiece American Pop and the oft-maligned Brad Pitt feature Cool World.

His latest feature is set to synthesize his classic styles in the strange and changing world of 1960s era Coney Island. Bakshi laid out his ambitions in his awesome Kickstarter video.

Last Days of Coney Island is about us. It’s about hairdressers, factory workers, rock and roll, the grassy knoll, mafia and Dick Tracy, Charlie Parker, Iraq, and Miss America.”

Filmmaking is an incredibly expensive medium to dabble in, and artists like Bakshi often have trouble not only acquiring the necessary funding needed to finance projects, but also gaining the full artistic control necessary to complete their vision. Bakshi made a sly comment about this reality in his Kickstarter plea.

“Help me do something for animation, that isn’t driven by making you happy and stupid.”

Bakshi has already collected nearly $33,000, about 20 percent of his goal of $165,000. If you love Bakshi’s movies, and want to see his epic Coney Island picture come to reality, you can donate to his Kickstarter campaign by clicking here.


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