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Legendary Di Fara Pizzeria To Open Second Midwood Location Offering Pasta, Heros


Posted this morning on Di Fara’s Facebook page:

[Di Fara] is happy to announce that several doors down we will be opening a tiny take out place offering all our old menu items that so many have been missing. We will have pasta, heros, salad and more.We expect to open mid April. All our products will use the finest and freshest ingredients as we always do at Difara….please, no questions at this time…Will update as we see fit ! Thank you….Happy April !

Eater, which was the first to report on this off-shoot of the current Di Fara’s location (1424 Avenue J), notes that it will be the first time in at least 10 years since Di Fara sold pasta dishes.

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  1. About 13 years ago, a friend of mines who lives 2 blocks away from DiFarma introduced me to this place. This was the only place he would eat pizza. They already had a very established name and had made it to Voice magazine and many other hipster reads. Back then it would take about 15 min to get a slice and a 50/50 chance you would get a seat. And indeed the pizza was very good even if a little pricier then others.

    About 10 years ago I took my wife there and she too was impressed, and yes the price had already grown along with its name. The last time we were there was about 5-6 years ago and the experience was a disaster. First you have to stand in line with tourists and hipsters out on their weekly food discovery pilgrimage. There is no place to sit, and you pay $5 for a small slice. And of course worst of all, the pizza was not very good, over-soaked in oil and from what I recall soggy. To conclude, this was once a very excellent place to eat a slice, it was artisan before artisan was a fed, and if you are looking for an experience where you want to visit a landmark and a piece of local history perhaps its worth a visit, but at this point I believe a better slice can be had elsewhere.

  2. Disagree strongly. I currently live in Midwood and vist Di Fara’s a lot. Yes, if you decide to go on a beautiful summer night on a Friday, good luck on getting pizza. For locals, its easy. First of all, during the winter months, the bad weather keeps away the hipsters and foodies not looking to trek out to Avenue J. I have gone numerous times in recent months and even when packed, I managed to get a slice or two in less than ten minutes. He has a lot of workers now and they make a lot of loose slices to satisfy people looking for a quick bite. If you want a pie, you gotta wait, its true, but come on. This place is not a restaurant, its a unique local pizza joint. They don’t make deliveries and Dom (God bless him) still makes all the pies himself. The ingredients are still first rate and 90 percent of the time, the pizza is perfect. I know I’m spoiled, being that I live 6 blocks away and can just go whenever and take a pie back to my apartment, but the place is what it is. I cannot wait to try his fuller menu at the new spot. Salivating at the thought of getting a chicken parm hero. Perhaps the two locations will ease the traffic in the jammed central spot, perhaps not. Either way, this is still the best pizza in the city and there is a reason people cram into it day after day.

  3. I live in Midwood too, but never visit. I refuse to stand in line for something I can get delivered. Which ironically I cannot, because for some reason they REFUSE to cut into their profits to order delivery in the area.

  4. Di Fara’s is not a normal pizza place. It’s an old man that handcrafts some of the world’s greatest pizza one at a time. If you want delivery, there are a million other places that satisfy that convenience. I’m just annoyed at how practically every time Di Fara’s gets some news coverage, commentators on the internet go out of their way to slam it. It’s the same old junk. “The lines are too long, the prices are too high, the pizza wasn’t good.” It’s tired. Di Fara’s rules. All you have to do is listen to the customers sitting around waiting or eating. Every other word out of their mouth is a rave over how great the pizza is. Also, Midwood would be a food wasteland without Di Fara’s. I dare you to try some of the Kosher Pizza places that line the streets of Avenue J.

  5. You’re not getting me. I’m not comparing DiFara’s to other pizza places in the quality of the food. I’m comparing the quality of their service. The awesomeness of his pizza is not in question or dispute.

    I understand the “rules”. Which is why I don’t buy his pizza. It’s not worth it to me, despite the quality, if I have to do those things. I live nearby and I feel as a business he should invest in delivery. Till then I just wont have his pizza. It’s a shame but it wont change my life. The only difference is he’s not gonna get my money.

    I still encourage everyone to make the pilgrimage and try his pizza, if they are willing to wait that is.

    If this new location is going to incorporate Delivery, even if it’s not FREE (I can understand a 2$ charge for gas, even though it WILL cut into the delivery guys tip) I’ll certainly buy DiFara’s more often.

    Right now it’s less then once a year.

  6. I, too am a fan of DiFara’s. I also like other pizzas and will go far to get a good pie. I think that he picked up a good idea by another legend, Patsy’s in Harlem. They have had a next door takeout location for many years. Dom had a good idea with this Italian take out location. I have one suggestion, if it is possible, sell pizza to go at this location. Not necessarily made by Dom but just a good pizza for take out. They do this at Patsy’s and sell a lot of pizza to go at the location next to their sit down restaurant in East Harlem.

  7. He never delivered. I have a dim memory of a delivery bicycle out front when I was a kid over 30 years ago but that was short lived. He never had more than one worker in the place so there was not going to be deliveries, especially since Pete’s on Ave M, and Jo Jo’s on Nostrand delivered. Can’t fault the man his business model as we all treked over there to get a slice and he knew we would keep coming to him delivery or no. He doesn’t want to deliver and IMHO your :protest” is only hurting you–and keeping you from great pizza.

  8. It’s a great gimmick and sure it works for him but the pizza is not so amazingly awesome that I’m willing to sacrifice my time and comfort for it. It might be that good for you, but it’s not that good for me.

    He’s loosing out on a lot of business from locals that don’t want to deal with long lines or asshole tourists either. However, if he DID deliver then perhaps he wouldn’t be able to keep pace with the increased demand on production. I can respect all those things.

    I respect the man for his pizza and his success, but I have to speak with my dollar. It’s not as If I discourage people from making the trek, in fact I encourage people to go all the time if they haven’t before. But I wont go put up with that stuff myself. It’s just not worth it to me.

  9. Sorry but its not the best pizza especially when charging 5 bucks for a slice. I have been there a few times over the years and only because i would take someone there that heard about them. Always good but never mind blowing that people make it out to be. I give the guy lots of credit for making it himself at a high standard for so long. So many loyal customers over the years that made him famous have been sold out to tourists that dont mind paying 5 bucks for a slice once in their lives. I would take Delmar any day of the week over Di Fara.

  10. Yes, very good pizza BUT NO pizza is worth five bucks a slice! There IS better pizza in this town but I won’t name the places because I don’t want them ruined like di Faras. Best pizza in the world – South America.


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