Learn About The Projects On District 39 Participatory Budgeting Ballot

PARK SLOPE – Participatory Budgeting vote week (March 30—April 7) is almost here! If you live in Council Member Brad Lander’s District 39, be sure to check out the upcoming Project Expo (April 2) where you can learn all about the projects that are on the ballot.

Participatory budgeting (PBNYC) is a city program that allows residents to vote on $1 million to $1.5 million in projects developed by community members. PBNYC gives New Yorkers the opportunity to gather, brainstorm, research, develop, and vote for projects that improve their neighborhoods.

The process begins with local assemblies (this cycle’s were held in Fall 2018) where community members share their ideas about the types of projects needed in their neighborhoods. Then, volunteers work with experts in developing full project proposals, including costs and logistics, to present to the community at the Project Expo.

Next, the community votes! Residents aged 11 and up are eligible to vote, either online or at locations throughout their district. The projects with the most votes share the funding! The projects are then implemented over the next few years.

In Council Member Lander’s District 39, in addition to the $1.5 million allotted for capital projects, an additional $50,000 is set aside for expense projects. Expense funds are used to pay for salaries and services while capital funds are used to pay for physical infrastructure projects and go toward construction, renovation, or repair of city-owned property, according to the New York City Council’s Participatory Budgeting page.

The District 39 Project Expo will take place Tuesday, April 2 at the Park Slope Library from 6pm to 9pm. Residents of the district are invited to attend and meet the volunteers and delegates, learn about the projects, and vote. Click here to see Bklyner’s coverage of last year’s District 39 Project Expo and click here to see last year’s winning projects.

To review the list of proposed 2019 Capital Projects in District 39, visit pb39nyc.com. The types of projects proposed include: Transit, Parks &  Environment, Education, and Arts & Community Facilities.

Click here to review the list of proposed 2019 Expense Projects in District 39 which includes installing high-capacity trash bins in busy pedestrian areas; creating a young adult space at the Pacific branch of the Brooklyn Public Library; and coordinating sewing circles/storytelling sessions led by trained counselors for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Learn more about Participatory Budgeting here. To volunteer in District 39, click here.

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