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Kruger's Claim That He's Cleared "100% False"


State Senator Carl Kruger’s claim last week that he’s been cleared of an FBI probe into pay-to-play influence peddling is “100 percent false,” a source close to the case told Courier-Life this week.

From Courier-Life:

A spokesman from the U.S. Attorney’s office said he could not confirm or deny that Kruger was off the FBI’s radar, but a source close to the case said that the powerful Senate Finance Committee chairman was still under the microscope.

“It’s 100 percent false [that Kruger’s been cleared by the FBI],” the source said. “Kruger’s attorney called up one of the investigators and asked him the status of the case, but the detective could not say. Now [Kruger] goes around saying he was cleared knowing that the U.S. Attorney isn’t allowed to respond.”

Apparently, no one’s really buying that the senator is sound, and some politicos are expecting Kruger might face a tougher campaign season than last election, in which he won with 93 percent of the vote. Rumors have it that Republicans are scrambling to find a suitable candidate to run against him, a tactic previously seen as a fool’s errand in light of his influence and $2.1 million campaign war chest.

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  1. In the Brooklyn Paper this week is a article about our State Senator Pig's massive renovation of his Sheepshead Bay office and bathroom. In the article Senator Pig is quoted as saying… “It's beautiful and not a dime of taxpayer money was used…”
    Thank you Senator Pig for watching out for the Sheepshead Bay taxpayer. What a guy.


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