Kruger Spent Thousands On Prison Consultant Before Pleading Guilty

It’s not unusual for embattled elected officials to pay off mounting legal bills by dipping into campaign funds, and Carl Kruger is no different. But, aside from the $1.42 million the disgraced pol paid out for his criminal defense, Kruger also paid thousands to prepare for years behind bars.

City & State reports that Kruger spent $7,500 the day before he pled guilty on Jack T. Donson, a federal prison consultant.

According to Donson’s website, he offers “proper pre-incarceration consultation” to prepare offenders for incarceration. He also analyzes sentences for “accuracy,” and researches program eligibility for furlough programs, as well as services that can reduce a sentence, like the Residential Drug Treatment Program.

It’s widely believed that Kruger only pleaded guilty once he had helped ensure that his close personal associate Michael Turano would receive a reduced sentence, a role that Donson may have helped evaluate for the former state senator.

Aside from the prison consultant, Kruger also paid out $25,000 to financial planners at Salomon and Company. Those funds may go to help figure out how Kruger will pay the $900,000 in restitution he’s expected to incur – especially since, when you count up all the bills paid, Kruger only has a smidge over $400,000 left in his accounts, according to the Daily News.


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