Kings Highway’s Beth Israel Med Center Goes Green

Beth-Israel Medical Center at 3201 Kings Highway took a leap into green tech last Wednesday.

A 12-ton clean energy co-generation system was hoisted by crane onto the roof of the Kings Highway Division. The center expects to save $455,000 annually in utility bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 150 cars driving 10,000 miles per year.

The natural gas-fired co-gen unit that is housed within a 20’x8’x8′ container is vital to Beth Israel Medical Center’s Go Green Project. The conversion of the hospital’s heating network from steam to hot water, which will use recycled heat generated by the new energy system to heath the center, is also key to the $4.1 million project.

Flatbush Scoop was on the scene when the co-gen unit was installed, providing the video above.

The going green initiative includes upgrades to the system’s automated controls, the installation of new water heaters, more efficient fluorescent lighting and low-flush toilets.

Ecosystem Energy Services, Inc., the project contractor, has estimated that the co-generation unit will produce enough electricity to help reduce the center’s electrical utility bill by 40 percent.

The co-generation system will go into operation in March.


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