King of Brooklyn Flea Markets and Sidewalk Sales: Metro Festival

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The original title for this post was, Secret Sheepshead Bay Road Flea Market Exposed — but, that would have left you all saying, “There’s no flea market on Sheepshead Bay Road.”

Actually, there is a flea market on Sheepshead Bay Road — just that it’s also nearer to Coney Island than it is to Sheepshead Bay. Yes, folks, Sheepshead Bay Road is a cut-up road, with one piece of it way over by the Department of Motor Vehicles, near the McDonald’s fast food restaurant.

The flea market is run by Metro Festival Productions and it is just that — quite a production — with sales in five locations in Brooklyn and a few in Manhattan. This whole production is put on so that Southern Brooklynites who don’t want to trudge up and down on the subways with their purchases, can find some real goodies right in their own neighborhood.

It doesn’t have the elegance of the Queen of Fleas — Brooklyn Flea — that keeps home way up north near DUMBO. Instead, with its rugged exterior, Metro Festival Flea Market is more like the King of Fleas, having already cornered the Southern Brooklyn market. Recently, King Metro Festival has spread its reigning power by conquering locations in Manhattan, as well.

The organizers and site coordinators are kindly despots (and very sweet people, too) who make every vendor feel welcome. Vendors like these venues so much that those who haven’t signed a contract ahead of time, clamor at set up time to get an extra table.

But, it’s not just the vendors that are glad, the shoppers come in droves, too. They come for the merchandise and the good deals. At the Metro Festival sales, you can find almost everything you need for your home, and then some.

The organizers make sure to have a sampling of goods on hand by choosing their vendors by product, so that shoppers can find whatever they’re in the market for.

When we visited the sidewalk on West 6 Street and Neptune Avenue (at the corner of Sheepshead Bay Rd), merchandise for sale was new and used. There was kitchenware, decorative items for the home, household goods, clothes, bric-a-brac, vintage goods, magazines, collectibles, and so much more.

You’ll want to bring a wallet full of small bills, because prices are so negotiable you’ll need change. Need a new wallet or purse, you say? No bother, just bring a couple of dollars and go shopping for a new one. Someone is sure to have a table full of billfolds for you to choose from.

Below is the list of the Metro Festival Flea Markets in Southern Brooklyn. Be sure check the website to be placed on the mailing list for updates about new locations, special events, and cancellations.

Outdoor events run from April to December (until Christmas), but not on rainy days or when the temperature drops near freezing. Indoor events run year round.
Events run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., unless otherwise noted.

Metro Festival Productions Flea Markets & Festivals
P.O. Box 290367
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11229

Brighton Beach & Coney Island

W. 6th St. between Neptune Ave & Sheepshead Bay Rd
Near McDonald’s at 606 Neptune Ave
Every Wednesday & Friday

Guardian Angel Church
2978 Ocean Parkway
Ocean Parkway and Oceanview Ave
Every Tuesday

New Brighton Jewish Center
184 Brighton 11th St
Brighton 11th, near Brighton Beach Ave.
Every Thursday; Indoors
10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Oceanview Jewish Center
3100 brighton 4th street
Between Brighton Beach Ave. & Brightwater Ct.
Every Sunday


St. Mary Mother of Jesus Church
8401 23rd Ave
Between 84th St. and 85th St.
Every other Sunday


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