Just In Time For The Zombie Apocalypse, State Senate Passes Legislation Prohibiting Sale And Purchase Of Human Organs

state senator marty golden photo by erica sherman
Source: Erica Sherman via Sheepshead Bites

On a serious note, State Senator Martin J. Golden announced that the State Senate passed legislation he sponsored which prohibits the sale and purchase of human organs, other than blood and ocular tissue.

In a release, Senator Golden stated, “Amid scandals involving the illegal buying, selling and distribution of human tissues by funeral homes and licensed biomedical companies, the State of New York needs to address this problem and create a ban that protects and respects both the deceased, and their families of our State.

Today, the State Senate has approved legislation I have introduced and I call upon my colleagues in the State Assembly to pass this bill this legislative session so to end the practice of disrespecting our dead here in New York.”

The legislation, S. 2147A is now awaiting a vote from the State Assembly.

Take that zombies and heinous people who sell body parts.