You Can Clean It, But It’s Still A Dump

While the developer at 1508 Avenue Z was prepping their lot for a nine-story building yesterday, these guys were straightening up the long bedraggled property across the street.

Bought in 2005 for almost $7.6 million, this barren piece of crap has sat and done nothing since then. Word is, he’s trying to sell it with plans to build a 14-story building, but we’re told that’s unlikely to ever unfold.

To its credit, the owner – registered as 16 Ave Z LLC – does a fair job keeping the property trimmed and clean. But it’s still blight.

We’re also told efforts to buy the property, or to lease the lot for summery activities like a flea market, have been shot down. The owner apparently wants what can only be described as a shit ton of money.

And for his greed, we all suffer.