Jazz Musician Researching Bensonhurst’s Old Jazz Scene

Source: Andrzej Barabasz via Wikimedia Commons

Jazz musician and researcher Vincent Gardner is currently interested in one thing: Brooklyn’s historical Jazz scene.

Thus far, he has been able to document activity in Coney Island, Brownsville, Crown Heights and Bedford-Stuvesant, “which proved to have the most activity so far.”

However, he has not been able to find any information about the scene in Bensonhurst. Specifically, Gardner is hoping to find out about “jazz during the heyday of the music in the Borough, from 1915-1970.”

His research has brought him to an old club called “The Golden Note” on 67th Street. The other is bowling alley that was on 59th Street and Bay Parkway that may have featured jazz.

Now, you have your assignment: Find the jazz clubs in old Bensonhurst. Post any tips below, Gardner is surely sitting at the edge of his black rolling computer seat, waiting for us to save his research.