Japanese-Themed Food Hall Coming To Industry City

SUNSET PARK – A 20,000-square-foot Japanese-themed food hall is slated to debut in Industry City‘s Building 4 next spring.

Photo courtesy of Industry City

Takuya Yoshida, who owns the Sunrise Mart Japanese grocery store chain in NYC, will serve as a Managing Partner for Japan Village, which will be designed to resemble two other popular NYC food halls—the Italian-focused Eataly and the French-focused Le District.

“Japan Village is going to offer visitors and tenants at Industry City an experience they can’t get,” Andrew Kimball, Chief Executive of Industry City, said to Crain’s New York. “That’s what excited us about this. It’s unique.”

Along with authentic Japanese food offerings such as sushi, bento boxes, ramen, rice balls, Japanese baked goods, and matcha drinks, Japan Village will also feature an izakaya restaurant, a sake shop, and a specialty grocery store, 6sqft reports.

Japan Village is scheduled to open Spring 2018.


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Pamela Wong

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  1. Industry City Inhumane treatment of animals is unethical and not trustworthy. Please watch this report by Arnold Diaz of PIX 11 news.
    In September, Industry City management hired exterminators in the middle of the night to get rid of a healthy colony of cats that lived in one of the courtyards. They where a registered colony of over 20 cats, neutered and spayed and being taken care of by workers in the building. Workers and NYPD investigators went to find the cats and none where found. Recently there was reports of dead cats found in plastic bags off the waters of Gerrison Beach. One may say well, they are just cats but its very important in this respect: Anyone who is inhumane and cruel to animals is usually cruel in other ways. Makes you question the ethics at the heart of this entrerprise called Industry City.

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