“It Wasn’t Me Officer!” Bensonhurst Blowgun Sniper Blames His Friend

The 15-year-old held in police custody over the three dart attacks that occurred late Sunday night claimed his friend pulled the trigger on the dart gun.

At a hearing, the teen pointed the finger at an unnamed friend and stated that his friend fired the darts from a roof at 86th Street and Bay 32nd Street, and that he only handed the darts to his accomplice. He did, however, admit to buying the blowgun and the darts online.

Police searched the bedroom of the teen and found 11 darts, the same kind that had been used to assault the three male victims.

The teen has no prior arrests but has been suspended from school for knife possession and for fighting. Cops are currently looking for the second suspect, according to DNAinfo.com.

Another hearing is set for sometime at the end of May.