Is The Gravesend-Bound F Train The “Silicon Subway?”

Source: Youngking11 via Wikimedia Commons

A bit of a squabble has broken out between Crain’s New York and Forbes over the social capital of the F train.

Crain’s says that the F train “has become more than a line of convenience for the city’s tech companies, funders and staffers alike. Today, it also ranks as a powerful drawing card.”

While Forbes isn’t “buying it.” In fact, they’ve honed in on the motive behind the story.

“Now, it’s obvious why Cornell and Skorton [quoted in the article] would want to push the F train story: They’re huge partners in the new tech campus that’s set to dominate Roosevelt Island—a neighborhood that is accessible by (surprise, surprise) the F train,” Forbes states.

Somehow, both publications seem to agree on one point: The end of the line, Gravesend, offers “larger apartments that rent far below Manhattan norms.”

Conclusion: “Silicon Subway” or not, Gravesend has more bang for your buck, and maybe some awesome geniuses live here.