Is DOT Destroying Kings Highway Businesses?

Photo by Lenskikh of Panoramio

Over the next few weekends, Department of Transportation is installing 66 new Muni-Meters along Kings Highway and its side streets, but residents say meter rules need to change to accommodate shoppers.

“In a shopping district you should be able to shop,” Phil Nuzzo, Kings Highway Business Improvement District’s executive director, told Courier-Life. “True shopping includes browsing and multiple purchases at multiple locations, and it can’t be accomplished in one hour.”

Nuzzo has sent a letter to DOT officials requesting one more hour be added to the maximum time limit, so shoppers can walk the strip for two hours before rushing back to their cars.

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“I can safely say that no letter I’ve written in almost 25 years of doing this would have such a dramatic economic impact,” Nuzzo said.

But, like so many other things, the city’s response was merely to say they “will look into it.”

The logic behind such short time limits is to free up parking spaces quickly so more consumers can access the shopping district’s main drag. But the hassle may actually be driving customers away.

What do you think? Will adding time to the meters be Kings Highway’s economic boom or bust?

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  1. 1 Hour Time limit is Crazy. I want to know where they get these ideas and data that shows 1 hour is a good limit. People drive to the area and spend ALL DAY walking between Coney Island and Ocean Ave visiting stores. This is just gonna push more people to park in the surrounding streets to avoid the meters. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  2. When I first moved to the city, I lived with a friend who had a place on 18th and P. I loved the neighborhood because you never really had to leave Kings Highway to get anything you needed – but the parking? The parking was terrible. I remember sitting in cars with people trying to park for sometimes up to half an hour just finding parking! Extending that parking to TWO hours would make the area much more congested than it already is because parking spaces won't be available as often as they usually are. I can see the whole perspective of “Yeah, guys, this will bring in more money!” but where the hell are these people even going to park? I just see more headaches arising than that extra hour is worth. But that's my $0.02

  3. Maybe they need more bike lanes and green streets to feed into the area. That will limit auto traffic, increase sunshine, and maybe promote world peace.

  4. There used to be a municipal parking lot there several years ago. I do not know what it since has been replaced with, but it is definitely not a multi-level parking lot that neighborhood desperately needs.

  5. All of the municipal lots in our area – especially the two near Sheepshead Bay Rd – should be replaced with tiered parking garages. Even if it's not needed now (and I'd argue that it is), it seems like good planning for the future. Thoughts?

  6. Mayor Bloomberg disagrees. The City's policy over the last few years has been to sell all municipal parkling lots and replace them with development. That's just what they did in Kings Highway and the lots were replaced with private parking at much higher rates. They are doing the same in Flushing, which doesn't even include a sorely needed bus terminal and I once remember reading that they were looking to sell at least one of the Sheepshead Bay lots. In my mind this is poor idiocy. Your suggestion for a tired garage makes much more sense, and I have also thought of it. As I said before, the City creates congestion, then wonders why it occurs.

  7. They don't want people to walk between stores. They want you to park, pay for an hour, leave in 30 minutes, park again for another hour to go to another store for 30 minutes, etc. That' way they get to sell the same parking space two or three times. (That wasn't possible with parking meters.) That's the whole purpose with muni-meters, plus they can give you a ticket while you are at the muni-meter buying your time. If you don't fight it, that also generates revenue.

    This philosophy is no different than selling more tickets than there are seats for at a performance, which of course is illegal. Similarly, the MTA makes millions from all the nickel and dimes left on Metrocards that are thrown away because people are too lazy to refill them.

    Everything comes down to revenue, not what is fair or what makes the most sense.

  8. You are correct! Part of my job is supporting a product that eliminates a lot of the fraud and inconvenience to drivers. We push this product to cities all over the world, and it's used all over Israel, France, Italy, and Bermuda. Currently working a deal with the city of Chicago, although their's is a whole other story as compared to ours, be glad it's not as bad a situation.
    I see all the time the way cities like ours try to get more revenue through parking, but it's also tainted by corruption within the departments responsible for collecting the coin used for parkin. MuniMeter or Coin Meters, will always allow the city to leech more money from peoples pockets while protecting themselves with bureaucracy.

  9. For whatever reason the city sold the parking lots, it is unacceptable. People need convenient places to park at reasonable, metered rates, or they are just going to shop somewhere else. Kings Highway is going to wind up like Kings Plaza and Fulton Mall, full of junk stores.

  10. Somewhere else….Like at big box stores with parking lots. Then Kings Highway can be turned into a pedestrain mall like Times Square. No congestion!

  11. They screwed everyone over by selling the municipal parking lot next to the firehouse. Someone sold us all out. The DOT created munimeters to cost us more on our fines when you leave the car to feed the meter up the block…..nice guys….the community board sold us out….my opinion……many of my neighbors say fact………I travel out of the neighborhood to shop and not get screwed over.

  12. Bike lanes do NOTHING for the common man…..just makes the yuppies giggle that they got “something” tee hee tee hee

  13. anyone paid attention to the picture? first off the store liberty travel has been replaced with tmobile express, and buger king is no more, i'm guessing this picture is atleast from 2008.

  14. Indeed, the photo is not current. I took it from the interweb, as the caption notes, and it was the only photo I could find that was appropriate. If I had time I would've gone out and snapped a shot myself. If you've got one, let me know, and I'll swap it out.

  15. Indeed, the photo is not current. I took it from the interweb, as the caption notes, and it was the only photo I could find that was appropriate. If I had time I would've gone out and snapped a shot myself. If you've got one, let me know, and I'll swap it out.


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