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Infographic: Medical Fraud Costs Americans $80 Billion


We in Southern Brooklyn are no strangers to healthcare fraud.

We’ve got the Midwood couple that allegedly collected more than $108,000 in benefits, while living it up in lavish homes and luxury automobiles.

We’ve got the Brighton Beach proctologist that billed for more procedures than any other proctologist in the nation – many of which, prosecutors say, were bogus, including charging more than $60,000 for 85 hemorrhoidectomies on a single patient in 20 months.

We’ve got bogus pharmacies – allegedly, of course – and a slew of local operations swept up in the two largest medical fraud busts in the nation’s history.

In fact, the number of busts around here suggests that our area may just have the highest rates of healthcare fraud, per capita, in the nation. But what’s it costing American taxpayers?

About $80 billion a year, with Medicare fraud alone expected to cost $1 trillion over the next decade, according to a new infographic produced by

Here’s the infographic, which helps you understand the sheer scale of medical fraud in the nation, how it happens, and where that lost revenue could be better used.

Health Infographic: What Healthcare Fraud Is Costing You -


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  1. See you on line at the “General Hospital”. It won’t be long now.
    Eat your fruits and veggies. 

  2. This is great information! I wish we can bust all the “medical supply” stores, “antekas” and “doctors” in Sheepshead Bay that are frauds. I would LOVE to see this. 

  3. I wish all crooked pharmacies, medical supplies and medical offices would be busted, they discredit those who work hard to create and keep afloat honest reputable medical business. Most doctors won’t risk their licenses and name to make extra money, it doesn’t worth it….all those years in college, medical school, then residency, then pain to build a practice, and one wrong move can destroy it.

  4. The welfare system is also being defrauded. Within the last year, my wife and were on line in Waldaum’s in Sheepshead Bay behind a 60s-ish Russian couple . They were exquisitely dressed, including jewelry, watches, etc. with her husband wearing a baseball cap from one of the casinos in Atlantic. They paid for their groceries with a Welfare Benefits Card and took their groceries out to a Lexus with New Jersey license plates.

    An American woman on line behind us after witnessing this said that it’s a shame that goes on because she’s having a hard time living on the benefits she receives.

    Need I say anything more?

  5. Well, I’ve received benefits too for some time (after my wife gave birth to triplets and couldn’t work anymore), and witnessed similar scenes many times…luxury cars, exclusive jewelry, furs, designer clothing…and benefit cards. I may only assume cards belonged to some senior who were really eligible….hope so ;o).  I look young and healthy and worked full time all my life but won’t be support family of 5 without assistance…thank God now I can survive without it, it was not too pleasant experience, some people told me same words you guys using, like I am defrauding system and steeling money from  needy…

  6. It so easy to catch these guys in Sheepshead with the bullshit Mercedes and there larger than life persona like a John Gotti with an arrogant russian accent,I feel like they no exactly who is fucking over who but they don’t want to grab them yet…why I don’t no

  7. It
    says “fraudsters bill Medicare and private insurers…” We know of
    rampart auto fraud that occurs that does not involve government programs, I
    wonder how much fraud there is with private non-medicare medical insurance? You
    don’t hear much about that. Could it be that they are immune to this? Or do the
    private insurance companies keeping a cover over it so that only medicare get a
    bad rap?

  8. I think it’s just that private companies do not give authorization as easily. They avoid repeat tests, Dr. visits and duplicate prescriptions. Paying a cover or deductible deter unnecessary visits.
    I had a $45 deductible which was more than what my physical therapist was paid through the insurance,

  9. No one mentioned the AMBULETTES, that are basically used as taxies.  I see it everyday. The same SOCIAL PARASITES aka Russians take these several times a week.
    Many times they come back with plastic bags from food shopping.  If these Russians are so sick, how come you see them coming and going everyday, yet they go to the docs. several times a week.  Send this PARASITES back where they came from and give these
    benefits to our VETS and to the poor Americans that need them.

  10. I would not expect fraud with private insurance to take the same form as with medicare. That doesn’t mean it does not exist. Like all business, a certain amount of fraud, wast or whatever it is called, is part of doing business. The point I was making is that “part of doing business” is acceptable for private companies, even anticipated, but not with government programs.

  11. I do not believe it for a second. the occusation is getting very old. Perhaps they do shoping for a very old monther or father using their card?

  12. I am all for starting a family, as long as YOU can support it.  If social services ended tomorrow, where would you be?

  13. Dear Moderator,

    Since my today’s post was succesfully removed by you I am making another attempt to make our residents become  more familiar with  very sofisticated healthcare fraud schemes, perpetrated, allegedly of course, by some of our very well known neighbors. These allegations have never been proven in court of law, however settlement of tens of millions of dollars are not uncommon since no wrongdoing is ever admitted.

    Just click on the liks below;_ylt=A0oG7lXsJDBQllkAD8BXNyoA?p=cvs%20fraud%20130%20millions&fr2=sb-top&fr=yfp-t-521-s


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