From The Inbox: Petrosino Park At 71st Street Is A Pigsty!


Bensonhurst Bean reader Bob has had it with the messy parks in our neighborhood, and the hooligans who keep knocking over trash cans in the green spaces.

He sent us the above photo (cropped below to better show the garbage), that show Lt. Joseph Petrosino Park at New Utrecht Avenue and 71st Street, just outside the D line station. Here’s what he wrote:

I hope you are doing well. I just wanted pass this photo of the park next to the 71st Street stop on the D line.
Although the parks commission has been coming here frequently to clean up. An absurd amount of stupid people doing dumb things like knocking all the trash cans over is increasing. While dog litter and the amount of personal/home trash at this park is a problem too.
I guess it is mirroring what is happening across a lot of our parks in the neighborhood.

We’ve certainly griped, or passed along griping, about conditions at other parks, especially Milestone Park which, at times, is a haven for filth. So what do we need to do to get this cleaned up?


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