DOT Finally Agrees To Make Crossing Bay Parkway Safer For Pedestrians

Photo via Google Maps. Bay Parkway and Bay Ridge Parkway
Photo via Google Maps. Bay Parkway and Bay Ridge Parkway

After well over a year of waiting, the Department of Transportation has finally responded to local pressure and, in a letter to a Brooklyn School of Inquiry parent, Brooklyn Borough Commissioner Keith Bray confirmed that they will install a Leading Pedestrian Interval (when the pedestrian walk sign is made turn green before the traffic light, giving pedestrians a head start) for pedestrians crossing Bay Parkway and Bay Ridge Parkway.

The email also stated that

This will provide pedestrians with 7 seconds of exclusive crossing time before eastbound and westbound traffic begin moving.
In addition, we are currently conducting additional studies at this intersection to see how safety can be further improved. After our analysis is completed, we will bring a plan for safety improvements to Community Board 11’s Transportation Committee for review.

This comes following a slate of accomplishments for area families, who recently achieved their goal of acquiring a School Zone reduced speed limit (20 mph) on Avenue P.

In an email, one parent coordinator encouraged parents, students, and staff to keep up the effort to get the Leading Pedestrian Interval installed as quickly as possible by putting pressure on relevant departments and politicians including State Legislators, the NYPD 62nd Precinct, NYC Council Member Greenfield, Community Board 11, and of course the Department of Transportation.

According to the National Association of City Transportation Officials, “LPI’s enhance the visibility of pedestrians in the intersection and reinforce their right-of-way over turning vehicles, especially in locations with a history of conflict.”

The NYC DOT’s website lists no current LPI’s in Brooklyn.


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