In Other News – Harbor Seals, Q Train Obsessions, Anti-Semitism, Murals and Junk

2,500 people via McWatters

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  1. I have lived on the Q line for 18 years (yikes!) and it never was crowded like it is today. In the 2000s most people would get off at Dekalb, Atlantic, and 7th ave. Very easy to get a seat… then around 2005 I noticed people riding the train further into Brooklyn without swarms of people rushing off at the first three Brooklyn stops. An indicator that people who work can no longer afford to live close to Manhattan.

    Now people ride the train all the way to Church, Newkirk, and beyond. The crowding makes the darn line delayed and it no longer takes me 30 minutes to get into Manhattan.

    Very glad to finally be off that line.

  2. The Q train is terribly overcrowded, even on weekends when the B doesn’t run for some reason and they could be running Q trains much more often. I avoid it as much as I can. It’s almost always an unpleasant experience.


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