‘Illegal Left Turn’ Results in Overturned Auto in Old Mill Basin

The overturned car. Todd Maisel/Bklyner

MILL BASIN – An “illegal left turn’ from south-bound Flatbush Avenue resulted in the vehicle being hit by another driving north on Utica Avenue in Old Mill Basin, causing the car to overturn, according to witnesses and a video provided by a local store.

The video, obtained from Homelegance Furniture at 2385 Utica Avenue, showed the woman in her 20’s, attempting to make a left turn with her Ford onto Avenue S from Flatbush Avenue when her vehicle was struck by a Toyota driving straight with a green light.

The impact of the Toyota caused the Ford to flip over and end up on its side. A bus was making a legal left turn onto Avenue S going the opposite direction at the time of the crash.

Firefighters found the woman had already pulled herself from the wreckage and sitting on the curb with minor injuries. She was taken to Coney Island Hospital with mostly bruises. Firefighters were able to right the vehicle after the crash and clear traffic.

Police from the 63rd Precinct were investigating the crash and had not determined whether the female driver should be summoned.

Todd Maisel/Bklyner

A sign on Flatbush Avenue, placed there some months back because of numerous crashes at the same location, was clearly visible after the crash. The city made this intersection a priority after a traffic study by the Department of Transportation determined that there had been 76 injuries at the intersection from crashes with vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists, five of those considered serious or even life-threatening.

Part of their conclusion was to make it illegal to make a left turn onto Avenue S from Flatbush Avenue as the turn requires crossing eight traffic lanes.

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Todd Maisel
Todd Maisel is an award-winning photographer with more than 35-years, specializing in breaking news. He currently serves as vice president of the New York Press Photographers. He was honored by the National Press Photographers Association and the Uniform Firefighters Association for saving the life of a firefighter he found in debris after the collapse of the World Trade Center, assisting in the rescue of an injured photographer, and for extensive coverage of the attack. Maisel is a graduate of NYU School of Journalism.
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  1. Police had not determined whether the driver should be charged?!!! Don’t those relatively new signs SAY it’s illegal to do what she did?!?! Had that Toyota been a motorcycle, the Ford driver might’ve killed the rider. What’s not understood by the DOT, the police, society, is that there are WAAAYYYY too many drivers who are unqualified to be behind the wheel of a car. TAKE AWAY THEIR PRIVILEGE TO DRIVE – and for at least 10 years. These people are potential killers. Basic traffic laws and driving etiquette are flouted minute-by-minute in Brooklyn and elsewhere.
    But then, a good deal of society has their heads in a very dark place.


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