Il Fornetto Fends Off Questions About Closing To Make Room For Condos

il Fornetto, located at 2902 Emmons Avenue. (Photo: Alex Ellefson / Sheepshead Bites)
il Fornetto, located at 2902 Emmons Avenue. (Photo: Alex Ellefson / Sheepshead Bites)

It appears the Sheepshead Bay rumor mill has birthed another tall tale about a neighborhood institution closing to make room for condos.

The manager at il Fornetto, the seaside Italian restaurant located at 2902 Emmons Avenue, said calls have been trickling in for the last two months from people asking if the business is going to shut down.

“I get a few calls a week,” said manager Sam Soho. “The customers want to know what’s going on. But it’s definitely not true.”

We checked public records and there have been no plans filed for a development at that property. The building has also not been sold.

il Fornetto is located across the street from Roll-N-Roaster, which had a similar episode occur last summer when calls flooded into the restaurant asking if it was selling out to make room for condos. In that case, we were able to track the source of the rumor to a widely-circulated Facebook post.

Soho couldn’t recall customers asking specifically about condos, but he figured that would be the most likely explanation for the business to get booted from their location.

“I just assumed because there is so much development going on around here,” he said.

Locals are rightfully fearful about long-lived eateries being cleared out for residential developments. The El Greco diner was demolished last year to make way for an eight-story condo building — scheduled to be completed in 2017.

This also isn’t the first time gossipers caused a panic by predicting Roll-N-Roaster’s demise. However, the rumors have spawned their own conspiracy theory. Specifically, some of our commenters speculated Roll-N-Roaster had circulated the lie in order to drum up business.

So what’s the deal? Are the owners of Roll-N-Roaser and il Fornetto manufacturing hoaxes in the hopes of bringing in more customers? Is there a big real estate deal brewing on Emmons Avenue that hasn’t been made public? Or is this just the work of a few smug pranksters with nothing better to do?

We’d like to know!


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  1. This dump is not a Sheepshead Bay institution it’s an over-priced shyte hole with below average food and that’s why you could fire a cannon ball down the mile of this place during the week, and on the weekend and wouldn’t hit anyone. Used to go here twice a week years ago and the food took a dive and became more expensive, and, the cheap ginnies never bought you a drink and that’s why they’re dying. Let them go away.

  2. I guess you don’t have to be around too long to be called an institution in this thread! Roll n Roaster, maybe. But Il Fornetto?! Get serious! And having been there a couple of times, I found the food middling, and the prices, way over priced! Being from Bensonhurst, and the old Borough Park, perhaps I’ve been spoiled…

  3. Taxfred4, if you are going to use ethnic slurs and other potty mouth words, at least spell them correctly.

  4. I convinced my family to have dinner at Il Fornetto to combine a few birthday celebrations, after seeing them advertise with you for months. We reserved a table for 10 with a great view of the water. Yes, the view was gorgeous, but the food was as bland as it gets. How, in 2016, can you survive in Brooklyn with sub-par Italian food? And at these prices? No thanks, and never again.

    Good riddance.

  5. You can’t Disque will bounce them, and if you’re going to comment -spell the name correctly. Practice what you preach.

  6. Tax, Specifically, I think you misspelled “ginnies”. Let’s check the dictionary of American slang and slurs.

  7. You think anyone is confused about what I meant? Apparently, you understood it perfectly.

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