I Am Not Your Guy


State Sen. Simcha Felder made his first visit to the Bay Democrats monthly meeting last night to remind neighboring constituents he is not beholden to the Democratic Party.

“So I say, point blank for those of you that are loyal Democrats that believe that a Democrat is the only person that can represent you, I’m not that guy,” said Simcha said to an audience of about 40.

Felder, the rogue Democrat who has caucused with state Republican lawmakers for the past six years is receiving mounting pressure from his constituent base and most recently Gov. Andrew Cuomo, to rejoin the Democratic Party. Reportedly the governor is looking to back a viable candidate to replace the power-wielding senator.

During the meeting, Felder defended his plastic bag stance and GOP alliance. But the real uproar came about when Fedler was asked about standards for Yeshiva education, which in April, haulted state budged negotiations.

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During the meeting, the club endorsed U.S. Rep. Yvette Clarke.  President of the club, Ari Kagan said he was please to see so many politicians and encourages differnt opinions.

“It’s not the large D but the small D that is important,” said Kagan.

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  1. I don’t understand, if you don’t want to be a Democrat, don’t run on the Democratic ticket. Felder is a disgrace and should be booted on the next election cycle.


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