How NOT To Get A Cop's Help #394: Scream "Allah!"

We’ve heard complaints throughout the city about NYPD officers sometimes, well, blowing off residents’ concerns. We were delighted to tell you last week about how a resident successfully got some personal attention from the 61st Precinct’s Captain Mastrokostas.

But Marwan Mohemed didn’t have the patience to go up the ladder. So after officers told the 22-year-old that they couldn’t help him in his request for public assistance, but that he’d need to see a social worker, Mohemed left, came back, dropped to the floor and yelled “Allah!” repeatedly. Oh, and he was wrapped in a wire that police thought might be related to explosives.

The wire turned out to be an extension cord he was using as a belt, which police discovered after subduing him. Less brave souls than Brooklyn’s finest scrambled to escape.

Mohemed was determined to not have any terrorist involvement. Police charged him with disorderly conduct and released him without bail. Coney Island Hospital admitted him for psychiatric observation.

No information is available about whether or not he got the public assistance he was seeking.

[via Daily News]