Homeless Encampment Swept Off Brighton Streets

Source: Deutsch Campaign
Source: Deutsch Campaign

City Council candidate Chaim Deutsch, the NYPD and the Department of Sanitation helped put an end to a homeless encampment irking Brighton Beach residents. On Brighton 6th Street, a local advocate for the homeless had provided a couch, tables and booze for the homeless, leading to late night parties that angered locals.

The outdoor living space was put together by Constance Von Rege, described by various reports as a local eccentric who often solicits money for the homeless to buy them alcohol. Alex Freeman, who manages a nearby salon, described the quirkiness of Von Rege.

“(Von Rege’d) get[s] undressed in middle of the street,” Freeman told the New York Daily News.

Despite Von Rege’s good intentions, the comfortable spot for the homeless elicited a slew of complaints. Police would break up the homeless gatherings but reiterated that it wasn’t their responsibility to haul away the furniture that was drawing the homeless back night after night.

Deutsch then stepped in and drew attention to the issue which quickly prompted the Department of Sanitation to throw out the furniture. While the spot is now clear residents are still worried that the homeless might return.

“They are still around,” Yelena Makhnim, executive director of the Brighton Beach Business Improvement District said. “They cannot be forced to go to shelters or arrested unless they are drinking on the street.”

Your move, Von Rege.