Hit-And-Run Driver Kills Gravesend Teen Who Was Riding Skateboard

police line do not cross
Photo via Wikimedia Commons

An 18-year-old skateboarder was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver in Gravesend on Sunday afternoon, police said.

Alejandro Tello was riding his skateboard on Avenue T when a white BMW SUV turned southbound on West 10th Street from the avenue, hitting the teen as he was crossing the street on Sunday, July 23 around 3:10pm, said cops.

After running over the boy, the vehicle continued driving and fled the scene, said cops.

Police found Tello unconscious, lying in the roadway. He was rushed to Maimonides Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Tello’s parents told News 12 that their son was on his way home from his job operating rides in Coney Island. While expressing sadness, his father also said that he forgives the driver.

The car was recovered last night at Bay 14th Street, but the driver remains at large, said police sources. As of Monday morning, the investigation remains ongoing.

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  1. The people are animals in this part of South Brooklyn. I ride my bike and am almost run over every day. Maybe with Faison gone, the new captain will enforce traffic laws in the 61st precinct more.

  2. Brooklyn police don’t seem to care about running stop signs, aggressive driving, etc. It’s so much easier for the city to hire more meter men/maids and give more parking tickets than the protect the people (and especially the children) of this city. CORRUPT!

  3. Did anyone posting the comments actualy seen the video?
    The driver clearly indicated the turn signal, the teen didnt care or wasnt paying attention. I drive every single day and bikers constantly are under the impression that i can see them. Guess what i cant always see, i sometimes cant see cars to myside on the high way, its called a blind spot. Pedestrians, Bikers, Drivers, Skate boarders are all resposible. Dont just start bashing the driver. I cant tell you how many times a woman had put her baby carrige in the road waiting to cross the street. Look at the pedestrians on brighton beach, they cross the street where ever the hell they please, if its their light or not their light nobody cares. Now this is directed to Igor Freyton who thinks he is a smart ass, do you stop at stop signs? no, how about red lights? no. You expect drivers to see you when it not always the case so when your dumb ass gets run over because you think you are the king of the road dont blame the driver. Its your resposibility just as much as the drivers no to be injured or killed. Now Steven Din how about you teach your children when you can and cannot cross the street and take their heads out of their smarphones and actualy pay attention. I see this on the daily basis kids crossing on wrong lights, some simply walk into traffic trying to cross expecting the car to yiled when its their light to go and they are not crossing in THEIR designated area. I had the same opinion as you before i started driving, after i drove for a year i became a different pedestrian.

  4. Today I parked my car on 25th Avenue. I noticed a young teen skate boarding on the opposite side of the street scooting along while on his cell phone. He turned around to look behind him just as a car passed. I was shaken by this event. Cars and Boards do not mix, add a cell phone and a busy street and you have the ingredients for a tragedy. Very saddened that a teen lost his life. Perhaps this might be a wakeup call for everyone.

  5. Driving has become a nightmare and, for the most part, it’s the drivers who are at fault. I’m a driver and I can tell you I’ve been cut off on my left while trying to make a left turn, at lights and stop signs when the idiot behind me wouldn’t wait for me to move because I wasn’t fast enough for them and waited for those walking to cross the street. We need to do something about this or there will be more deaths and injuries because of these drivers.

  6. If you watch the video of this horrific accident, the driver in the video is clearly not to blame for anything more than leaving the scene. He had his turn signal on and was mid turn when the young man on the skateboard tried to pass him. I don’t think the driver could of stopped even if he wanted to. This is a tragedy that could of been avoided if the young man had just waited for the car to turn. May he rest in peace!

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