Hero Cop Stops Verrazano Bridge Suicide

Hero Cop Saves Life Brooklyn
Verrazano Bridge Suicide Stopped by Hero Officer Grimm

During a routine nightly highway patrol, Bridges and Tunnels Officer Edward Grimm noticed a man driving erratically on the lower level of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.

The car was moving slowly, almost stopping traffic headed into Brooklyn.

“I thought he might be having car trouble because he was driving so slowly so I pulled up behind him and put my emergency lights on,” Grimm said, according to a report on mta.com.

When the driver noticed Grimm, he jumped out of the car and tried to climb over the railing. Grimm, who had already radioed for help from a nearby NYPD Emergency Services truck, knew he had to act fast.

He instructed the other officers to help him subdue the man and then handcuff him, preventing a potential suicide.

“We applaud Officer Grimm’s life-saving efforts,” said Bridges and Tunnels Vice President and Chief of Operations James Fortunato. “Our patrol officers are trained to be especially vigilant and we are pleased this incident ended positively.”

The man was taken to a nearby hospital and admitted for psychiatric evaluation.

“People are calling me a hero but I don’t think of it that way,” said Grimm. “I think I was just doing my job, and I’m glad I was there.”


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