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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow? A Beat Cop For Church/McDonald Avenues


Police Officer Salem

Was I dreaming? There’s Officer Salem standing at the F train exit at Church and McDonald Avenues today, Friday, around noon. His assignment was to watch that corner.

Police Officer Salem talks to a woman on McDonald Ave

Permanently? He couldn’t say. He awaits further orders.

Police car

Then his supervisor, Sergeant Solomon, arrived in the squad car, checking on patrol.

By 2pm Officer Salem was gone. Wonder if he’s coming back. In addition to the swiping of the teenager’s cell phone on Monday, I was told an older man was hit up the Friday before.

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  1. Tuesday night around 9:30 PM a man who seemed mentally unstable tried to follow me out of the station as I was exiting but I lost him.

  2. Are you reading the discussion on the Kensington Facebook page? This happened to a woman who’s been posting there about coming out of the F train exit–the long tunnel, leading to Church & McDonald, exactly where the officer is standing.

  3. I am the same woman who posted on the facebook page. Hopefully I will see a police officer near the train station and tell him or her. Because they wouldn’t make a police report @ the police station.


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