Help PS 124 Upgrade School’s Laptops

Help PS 124 Upgrade School’s Laptops

It’s easy to take technology for grated when, for many, internet access is just a laptop or tablet away. That’s not the case at PS 124, where a large percentage of the students have no home computer and, although they’re eager to get their hands on the technological skills needed in today’s modern world, the school’s computers are sorely dated.

Teacher Paul Conrad is looking to change that with Donors Choice, an online platform that connects schools in need with the public.

“At our school, children plead for the chance to be tech assistants or help in any way during lunch or recess time,” notes Mr. Conrad. “They want to learn and practice and go deeper with what they already know is possible. The eagerness and seriousness are only matched by frustration when their equipment is outdated and running slower than it should.”

Mr. Conrad is looking to raise $1,077.49 in order to upgrade the RAM on the school’s existing laptops. The best part?  His 10-year-old students will perform the upgrades:

Our 5th-grade tech team will gain real world experience performing under-the-hood upgrades on the existing laptops, and they’ll have the vivid before and after measure of what having adequate Random Access Memory (RAM) means to the computer’s performance and the user’s experience. These 10-year-olds and their younger schoolmates will have that concrete engagement with their world, ensuring their old but functioning laptops can be made “new” again: not by some wave of a magic wand, but because of a specific solution they explored and applied themselves.

All donations received this week will be doubled by the Donors Choice Board of Directors, which is an awesome boost for this worthwhile project.

To learn more or to make a donation:

1. Visit Mr. Conrad’s Teacher Page.
2. In the box on the right, enter the amount of your donation, and click the green button marked “Give.”
3. During check-out, enter the word INSPIRE where it says “Match or gift code,” and your donation will be matched dollar for dollar.

Let’s pitch in and help make sure all the kids in our neighborhood are receiving the tools they need to succeed.