Happy Thanksgiving 2010!

I intended to write a nice Thanksgiving post yesterday, but unfortunately my internet connection went down and stayed down until I headed out of state for dinner. If I had written it, it would’ve gone something like this:

On this Thanksgiving Day, the team at Sheepshead Bites and I give thanks to the tens of thousands of wonderful, spirited and caring readers who check into this site every day. Your support, your feedback and your enthusiasm are what make this site, and the community, great.

I’d be foolish to not also thank our ever-growing team of contributors and tipsters, whose contributions continue to keep this site going, and prevent me from dying of fatigue.

I wish all a happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving and holiday weekend.

As for Sheepshead Bites, we’re taking a four day weekend (Thursday to Sunday) to get organized. As we clear off our desks and go through our inboxes, if we find some stories that are a little outdated but still be of interest, we’ll throw them on the site for you.

Thanks again!