Handling Tonight’s Major Temperature Drop & Potential Snow

Handling Tonight’s Major Temperature Drop & Potential Snow
snow shoveling by Jeff and Caitlin Conquer the World

If you haven’t already heard it through the Twitterverse, we’re sorry to be the ones to tell you: the NYC Department of Sanitation has issued a snow alert starting at 8pm tonight (Thursday, November 13). We’re guessing you, much like us, have the whole “What? Yesterday was 60 degrees!” – slash – “Ugggghhhh, why?” thing down pat, so here are some other tips for dealing with the (possibly) impending flurries.

Avoid slips, falls, and fines with these snow and ice removal rules:

  • Every owner, lessee, tenant, occupant, or other person having charge of any lot or building must clean snow and/or ice from the sidewalk within 4 hours after the snow has stopped falling, or by 11am if the snow has stopped falling after 9pm the previous evening.
  • Snow may not be thrown into the street.
  • If the snow or ice becomes frozen so hard that it cannot be removed, the sidewalk may be strewn with ashes, sand, sawdust, or similar suitable material within the same time limits.
  • The sidewalk must be thoroughly cleaned as soon as the weather permits.

And stay warm, cozy, and safe during tonight’s temperature drop, keeping all this in mind:

  • Make sure your pets are safe and warm inside.
  • Replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors if you haven’t already, as heating can produce toxic emissions.
  • If you must use a space heater, make sure it is in good repair and placed away from fabric and upholstery.
  • Don’t use your fireplace, if you’re lucky enough to have one, until you’re sure it is clean. Again, a good reason to refresh those detectors. And make sure all fires are out and ovens are off before you go to bed!
  • If you rent, your landlord is obligated to keep the heat in your apartment at a minimum of 68℉ until 10pm, and 55℉ from 10pm-6am. Anything less necessitates a call to 311.

And if you have any elderly neighbors or neighbors with mobility problems, check in with them to make sure they’re comfortable and maybe shovel their walks too–fines for not shoveling range from $100 to $350.

You can learn more about the DSNY’s snow clearing protocols here. For the latest updates on weather, city services, and more, sign up for Notify NYC or follow them on Twitter.

Photo by Jeff and Caitlin Conquer the World


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