Guider Ave Bridge Closed, Construction Begins

As expected, the Guider Avenue/East 8th Street Bridge reconstruction began yesterday. The overpass has been closed, and we heard some reports during yesterday evening’s rush hour of total madness in the area. The Belt Parkway was standstill, and surrounding streets – including Neptune Avenue and Avenue Z – were packed with confused drivers trying to find alternate routes.

As a reminder, in order to access the Belt Parkway West from Coney Island Avenue and Guider Avenue, continue north on Coney Island Avenue until Avenue Z. Make a left onto Hubbard Street, where they’ve just installed a stop light to deal with the additional traffic. Then make a right onto the Shore Parkway service road.

If possible avoid the area entirely during rush hour in either direction. If people can suggest an alternate route to efficiently bypass the Belt Parkway between Ocean Parkway and Knapp Street, Sheepshead Bites’ readers will have a leg up on other commuters.

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