Look Up! Free Stargazing Tonight in Greenpoint

Look Up! Free Stargazing Tonight in Greenpoint

GREENPOINT – Want to wish upon a star? A local stargazing group has just the opportunity for you—a free stargazing event open to the public tonight in Greenpoint.

For a lot of Brooklynites, looking up at the night sky means spotting the skyline of Manhattan—the latest colors projected on the Empire State, the art-deco designs of the Chrysler Building, or the striking spire of the Freedom Tower.

But members of Amateur Astronomers Association of New York want to look beyond all that—way beyond! Weather permitting, they’ll be setting up shop tonight in Transmitter Park from 8:30 – 10:00 pm.

Though the bright lights of the big city do create a bit of an obstacle for serious stargazers, the Amateur Astronomers Association is undaunted:

“Far from letting life under some of the world’s most light-polluted skies deter us from actively viewing the night sky, we in the AAA are dedicated to not only observing the heavens ourselves but also introducing the public to the wonders of astronomy,” their website reads.

Tonight, the wonders of astronomy will be available in the form of binoculars and telescopes set up by the association at the entrance to the East River Pier at Transmitter Park.

Residents are welcome to come through and check out the skies with advice and instruction from enthusiastic astronomers.

The event is sponsored by the Friends of Transmitter Park.


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