Greenpoint Ferry Stop & Go

Greenpoint Ferry Stop & Go

GREENPOINT – This morning, people who wanted to get the ferry at the Greenpoint pier were left stranded as it sailed by informing that the stop had been suspended indefinitely.

According to the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), India Street pier is privately owned and was recently purchased by a new developer. Lendlease and Aware Super bought the land for $1 billion on October 7th, Sydney Morning Herald reported.

“The major project will transform a full city block into 800 residential for rent apartments, known as build-to-rent in Australia. Of that about 30% of these apartments will be designated as affordable housing under the Affordable New York Housing Program,” the Australian news outlet reported.

As part of the transition, both the ferry operator (Hornblower) and the new landlord (Lendlease) were actively working to resolve insurance coverage that rendered the landing unusuable. Christopher Singleton of the NYCEDC confirmed to Bklyner that the issue has now been resolved and service to the landing has already been restored.

“It’s a quizzical situation,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said at his press conference this morning. “This one I think is confusing to people because it’s confusing in general. And the goal is to settle it very quickly and get that ferry stop into service, hopefully as early as the end of today.”

It was.