Local Pol Presses Sanitation Commish On Overflowing Trash Cans

dirty street

The streets are overflowing with garbage and Councilman David Greenfield wants to explore all options to stop the tidal wave of trash. According to a press release, Greenfield pressed Sanitation Department Commissioner John Doherty for solutions at a budget hearing.

When walking around certain busy streets the garbage problem becomes evident as trash bins are often filled to capacity and spilling onto the sidewalk. What isn’t so obvious is why the cans are constantly stuffed. The main reason given at the Sanitation Budget hearing by Commissioner Doherty is that there simply isn’t money to have personnel keep up with the rate of garbage pileup.

Doherty and Greenfield both agreed that part of the problem could be caused by people illegally dumping household or business refuge in the public bins. In response to this, Greenfield suggested setting up security cameras at busy pedestrian intersections to catch illegal dumpers, a notion Doherty agreed with.

Greenfield also put forward the idea of using capital funding to purchase a mechanical broom that would be used to clean the streets in the overnights.

“We obviously have cleanliness issues, so I would be happy to fund a broom for the district for nighttime routes, as that’s a good time to clean our streets as opposed to during the day,” Greenfield said in the release.


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