Greenfield Continues Crusade To Protect Parkers

Councilman David Greenfield

Councilman David Greenfield has found a niche in the world of local New York politics: making parking more fair. Having previously been subject to unfair tickets in his own experience and having successfully fought for motorists who have dealt with their own bogus tickets, Greenfield is setting his sights on Muni-Meters.

According to a report by the New York Daily News, Greenfield is introducing a bill that will require Muni-Meters to start accepting payments 30 minutes before meter requirements take effect. Besides the cost, this is the most frustrating thing about the meters because people who arrive for work or appointments early, have to return to the meter once it activates at 9 a.m. or risk paying a ticket.

“It’s a common problem people are having – their days are starting earlier than the meter is,” Greenfield told the Daily News. “You want to go about your business and can’t because the meter hasn’t started… It’s just a convenience issue, and can be easily rectified.”

If Greenfield gets this legislation through, it’ll add to his impressive resume of making the terrible experience of parking just a little less maddening.