Greenbeans AND Walgreens

Greenbeans AND Walgreens

Green beans and Walgreens will co-exist.

Last night’s meeting with Walgreens managers, local politicians, and interested neighbors proved opposing sides can find ground to benefit all. Walgreens will lease, long-term, about 6,000 feet to Key Food, or about 1/3 of the total space.

The Walgreens will include and automated pharmacy so pharmacists can actually consult with customers.

The owner of the new Key Foods, Joe Zahriyeh, also owns Key Foods in Sunnyside, Queens which is considered one of the best run stores in the chain. He intends to have a full service grocery including a butcher and a bakery.

Greenbeans Not Walgreens gathered around 3,000 signatures in support of keeping a grocery store at the site on Prospect Ave and 11th Ave.

The stores are due to open in July or August 2013.

Image via Walgreens


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