Donate to Restore Vandalized Gravestones

Donate to Restore Vandalized Gravestones
Damaged monuments at Green-Wood cemetery

Photo via Green-Wood Historian’s Blog

Shockingly, and despite security measures, vandals attacked historic Green-Wood Cemeterylast Monday night, knocking over and shattering gravestones and statuary and causing roughly $100,000 in damage to 43 monuments. Although the perpetrators have not been identified, there is surveillance video of one of them which which is now in the hands of the NYPD hate Crimes unit and we hope will soon lead to their arrest.

While not legally obligated to do so, Green-Wood has pledged to repair all of the damaged memorials.

When mindless vandalism like this occurs, society, and all of us, have a duty to protect these memorials. Although neither Green-Wood Cemetery nor The Green-Wood Historic Fund have any legal obligation to repair vandalized monuments, we are stepping up here and will be repairing each and every one of them.

Cemetery official Richard J. Moylan told CBS New York that most of the damaged monuments date back to the 1800s and many cannot be replaced. Green-Wood has set up a donation page on its website for those who wish to contribute to the restoration.


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