Governor Cuomo Demands Reform Post-Kruger

Governor Andrew Cuomo

Bloggers over at the Albany Times Union thought Governor Andrew Cuomo should take more of a common man approach in his reaction to the Kruger news – “calling a Red Room press conference, then walking out and wordlessly throwing up his arms in a ‘See? See?’ gesture and then walking back out again” – but, the governor instead opted for a more conventional approach: a press release.

He wrote:

“Today’s arrests again spotlight the failings of New York State government and highlight the urgent need for the legislature to pass comprehensive ethics reform – now. During the campaign, I made a commitment that we would either pass real ethics reform with real disclosure and real enforcement or I would form a Moreland Commission on public integrity. New Yorkers deserve a clean and transparent government comprised of officials who work for the people, not for the special interests and certainly not for their own corrupt self-interests. Today, I reaffirm my commitment to clean up Albany and state clearly that either ethics legislation will be passed or I will form a Moreland Commission by the end of this legislative session.”