Goodbyes and Good Buys at Bob and Judi’s

Goodbyes and Good Buys at Bob and Judi’s

If you, vulture-like, have been circling the remaining stock at Bob and Judi’s Coolectables waiting for the prices to dip to their ultimate low…well, it’s time to get your wallet. The store officially closes for good July 31, but Sunday’s going to be the last real day to buy (according to an email update from the pair, “Monday and Tuesday are packing days, so it’s hit or miss for shopping”). And with five days to go, the prices seem pretty much where they’re going to be. Which isn’t to say that waiting till Sunday won’t have its rewards — if nothing else, there will be snacks.

Bob and Judi’s Coolectables, 217 5th Ave (between President and Union)


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