Goodbye B Train: Express Goes Local for 2 Years

(Courtesy of ajohn1992a via Flickr)
(Courtesy of ajohn1992a via Flickr)

Although we’ve let a few f-bombs slip in the past, we try to keep the cussing to a minimum. Unless it’s really, really warranted. That being said: Fuck the MTA.

The stooges running our beloved transit system have decided to eliminate the B train’s express service north of Kings Highway for two years. Beginning in September, the MTA will begin work on five stations the will require local service. According to amNY:

Local trains will run on express tracks but will not skip the six stops the express currently bypasses.
Running the trains local will add up to seven minutes to straphangers’ commutes and cost the MTA $960,000 for the additional local service, according to transit documents.
“It’s never a good time for this,” said Doris Ortiz, district manager for Community Board 14 in Brooklyn. “It’s an inconvenience, but it’s worth it.”
The Avenue H and Avenue M stations also will be closed on alternating sides during the two years, and riders will have to take shuttle buses on weekends during part of the work.

Somehow this doesn’t make sense to me. If it’s about repairs to stations, why would they have to add more stops? Wouldn’t they need to eliminate stops? And if work is being done every day, why should this take two years? Couldn’t they divide the work up and do it station by station, or a couple of stations at a time – instead of the whole stretch?

I apologize, but I need to curse again. The MTA blows my fucking mind with their bullshit. One of the most corrupt, inept office’s in our government that constantly gets by on systematically screwing the customers, increasing price, and degrading service.

This isn’t just whining about my commute. I don’t have a commute. I work in Sheepshead Bay and only need to take the train to see friends. This is about a serious issue about the development of our neighborhood. The B express is a vital part of our community and our city.

Thirty-minute service to midtown Manhattan makes our area a great selling point when it comes to both real estate and commercial matters. As prices go up all over northern Brooklyn, the next two years appeared – at least to me – to be a critical point for Sheepshead Bay, as our relatively low rents/home prices and speedy commute fuels continued growth in the area. Over the next two years, Sheepshead Bay ought to see boom times, with a slew of new housing options hitting the market. Without that commute, the numerous condos, apartments, houses and developments in the area will languish with low-sales volume. Developments currently under construction – or slated for construction like Station Plaza – will see their funding dry up. Work sites will become vacant lots; unmaintaned eyesores that pose a danger to neighbors’ safety and property values.

On the commercial side, the fishing fleet, party boats, restaurants and retail stores will also see sales decline, as those looking for a day or weekend out of Manhattan will not be as likely to make their way down here as the commute increases. While surely there are enough people in the area to keep many of the restaurants and retail open, they will suffer still.

That’s why I’m calling on our local leaders to do all in their power to stop it. Our politicians thrive by representing a thriving neighborhood. And they will die with a dying neighborhood.

This coming week I will call around and see where our leaders stand. But don’t wait for my updates. Call or e-mail all of your local representatives right away and tell them how important the B’s express service is to you, and to our bay. Let them know we demand at least partial express service if our bay is to succeed in these harsh economic times.

Borough President Marty Markowitz
718-802-3700 –

State Senator Martin J. Golden
718-238-6044 –

State Senator Carl Kruger
718-743-8610 –

State Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz
718-743-4078 –

State Assemblyman Alan Maisel
718-968-2770 – MaiselA@

City Councilman Lewis A. Fidler
718-241-9330 –

City Councilman Michael C. Nelson
718-368-9176 –

CB 15 Chairperson Theresa Scavo



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