Good Samaritan Gets Stabbed While Fighting Off Car Thief

For decades, Bensonhurst held the reputation of a place where, for better or worse, ‘justice’ was often meted out in the street.

While the uglier side of that reality has moved to Staten Island slowly faded away over the years, fortunately the sense of community that stems from neighbors looking out for one another has not.

According to the New York Post, a man who was stabbed while stopping a thief from driving away with his neighbors truck, still made sure the bandit left in handcuffs.

From the Post:

Michael Sterlacci, 33, of Bensonhurst, caught John Stanzione, 51, in his neighbor’s Ford Explorer at around 1 a.m. Monday, sources said.

While Sterlacci’s stab wound gushed blood, he kept after the crook and held him for police.