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Golden Passes Legislation Barring Convicts From Changing Names

Photo by Erica Sherman

The following is a press release from the offices of State Senator Marty Golden: 

The New York State Senate today  passed legislation (S. 1746) introduced by Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn), a former New York City Police Officer, that would prevent convicted felons currently confined as an inmate in any correctional facility, on parole, or on probation, from being able to legally change their name.

The legislation is a result of a 2000 civil rights law amendment that established a process for violent felons so to petition for a legal name change that includes crime victim and community notification. The process gives victims a chance to voice their opposition to such name changes.

Senator Golden stated, “Isn’t it enough to be a victim of a crime, and then to have to proceed with a trial, looking the one who caused you harm right in the face for days, weeks and sometimes months.  This court ruling now adds to the pain of New York’s victims, in it causes people to vividly recall the incident, in an effort to keep a felon from changing their name.”

Golden continued, “This bill stops criminals from victimizing law abiding citizens again in a court of law. New York needs to stop coddling criminals at the expense of victims. We should never consider the rights of the criminals in advance of those of the victims.”

The bill was sent to the Assembly.

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  1. Martin stop passing “safe” legislature. Go for something juicy, something that can benefit most people in Brooklyn. We are on to your shenanigans.

    You are on Banking, Finance, Insurance and Health committees. Deal with one of those issues. Why is my auto insurance is so high? Well I know why. What have you done about it Martin? Martin!!!! I have perfect driving record and my premiums keep going up. Martin you old enough to remember Model-T’s on streets of Brooklyn you hear me Martin?! Go back to work and stop tooling around! 

  2. Usually I think criticism of headlines is silly. But in this case, I think rephrasing would be appropiate, as the Senator, certainly deserving credit for the bill’s introduction, did not singlehandedly “pass” the bill. His press release gives the entire Senate credit for that accomplishment.

  3. Lets see, Martin’s last votes.
    S 6087-A Authorizes the Use of School Property for Religious Meetings and Worship
    S 5560-A Requires DNA Testing of All Persons Convicted of Certain Crimes
    A 8354 – Marriage Equality Enactment (voted Nay btw)

    So none of them key issues or issues at all. And I did look at his history.

    Martin did plenty good too. Limiting State Spending, Extension of Rent Control Laws


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