In Late Night Session, Golden And State Senate Pass Gun Law Exemption For Retired Cops

Source: Silvercore Training via flickr
Source: Silvercore Training via flickr

In a late night session, the New York State Senate passed legislation that alters Governor Andrew Cuomo’s NY SAFE gun law package to exclude retired police officers from strict firearm regulations. The New York Daily News is reporting that the passage of the bill angered senators, not because of its content but due to the hasty call for a vote which allowed little debate.

The amendment was passed 49-14, but, as the Daily News described, the overwhelming majority could not quell the anger of those who thought the amendment was a rush job:

Some Republican lawmakers said they voted against the amendment because they didn’t want to single any group out for special treatment. Others said they did so in protest to demonstrate their support for repealing NY SAFE wholesale, not fiddling with it.
Sen. Greg Ball angrily called the timing of the debate “crap” and mockingly thanked Cuomo for causing a rift in the GOP conference. Sen. Tom O’Mara slammed the legislation as “wrong” and a “sham on the Second Amendment.”

State Senator Marty Golden, a retired police office and a strong proponent of the exemption, argued that the bill was common sense given retired police officers’ knowledge and responsibility when it comes to handling fire arms.

It is unknown if the legislation, which has already been passed in the Assembly, will be signed into law by Cuomo.