Going Whole Hog with Fort Reno’s Chef

Going Whole Hog with Fort Reno’s Chef
Fort Reno BBQ meal

Local restaurateur Terrie Mangrum of Fort Reno showed news channel NY1 how she uses a whole pig.

“Because we’re a whole-hog barbecue restaurant, we literally use the whole hog unless we’re going to run a special. Then we’ll try and cut out some chops or something like that. But we really use the entire pig, we smoke the entire pig from head to foot, and that goes in our pulled pork barbecue,” says Mangrum.

Mangrum, who grew up on a farm and has been cooking barbecue from a young age, will be participating in the “Pig Island” event on Governor’s Island on September 1st, where more than two dozen local chefs will be cooking whole pigs. The event will also include cooking demos, local craft beers, wines, and ciders, and live music. Admission is $70 through today, August 27th; it will be $85 from tomorrow on.


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