Glenwood Houses Without Heat In The Middle Of Massive Snow Storm 

Glenwood Houses Without Heat In The Middle Of Massive Snow Storm 
via @NYCSanitation

The 2,424 residents of Glenwood Houses were without heat all day today as the snowstorm that made Mayor de Blasio issue a State of Emergency blanketed the city. The outage follows a weekend where four Glenwood Houses buildings, which house 497 residents, were without heat or hot water overnight, when temperatures dropped as low as 20 degrees.

The weekend outages occurred as a result of ‘flooding’ in four buildings. Outages lasted from 6 pm on Saturday to 1:40 pm on Sunday, said Rochel Leah Goldblatt Deputy Press Secretary of NYCHA. A second outage occurred between 3 pm and 11:15 pm on Sunday due to a mobile boiler unit that was “unable to sustain pressure,” said Goldblatt. The mobile boiler unit remained on-site throughout the night before failing.

Today, the entire Glenwood Houses development was without heat from 8 am to nearly 6 pm. NYCHA did not provide a warming center for Glenwood residents, or space heaters, a NYCHA source told us.

NYCHA did tweet today at 10:32 am that “staff are addressing service interruptions,” two and a half hours after the heating outage. NYCHA sent a follow-up tweet at 3:55 pm and said that “maintenance repairs are needed,” but did not say that the entire development was without heat.

NYCHA put out a tweet telling its followers to “protect their pets” on Saturday in preparation for the upcoming snowstorm and said to be prepared for the cold weather.