Garbage Gazette: Sheepshead Bay Rd. – Aug. 2, 2010

Welcome to a new Sheepshead Bites feature – Garbage Gazette. The idea is very simple. From time to time we’re going to run a series of photos from one of Sheepshead Bay’s main commercial strips. Today we’re looking at Sheepshead Bay Road between East 14th Street and Jerome Avenue, where the problem of overflowing public trash bins appears to be the worst in the neighborhood. As you’ll see in the photos, the four cans underneath the train station are the most problematic.

In late June, it was announced that beginning July 1 the city would be increasing pickups. It appeared they were for a few weeks, but the problem is back to normal. These photos – taken today around noon – show that they haven’t been emptied all weekend.

In addition to the nine garbage cans in the stretch we mentioned, the last shot is of East 14th Street and Avenue Z. The city added a new can there in the middle of July. The spot was previously litter free, but the can overflowed within days and the corner became another problem spot. After we did two posts on the can during its first week there, the can was abruptly removed and the spot is once again litter free.

Have you had enough of this problem? After the jump, we’re including a list of officials that you should contact to complain about the mess in Sheepshead Bay. Department of Sanitation has a complaint form specifically for overflowing litter baskets. I filled it out and received an automated response saying, “Your request will be acted on promptly.” We’ll see about that…

Here’s who you should contact:

Borough President Marty Markowitz
718-802-3700 –

State Senator Martin J. Golden
718-238-6044 –

State Senator Carl Kruger
718-743-8610 –

State Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz
718-743-4078 –

State Assemblyman Alan Maisel
718-968-2770 –

State Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein
718-648-4700 –

City Councilman Lewis A. Fidler
718-241-9330 –

City Councilman Michael C. Nelson
718-368-9176 –

CB 15 Chairperson Theresa Scavo


Sanitation Department’s Overflowing Trash Bin Complaint Form.

E-mail Sanitation Department Commissioner John Doherty.

Here are the photos of garbage cans along Sheepshead Bay Road: