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Gallo Says Using Craigslist Puts Cymbrowitz In League With Drug Dealers

The ad Gallo refers to.

Republican contender Russ Gallo, seeking to unseat Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz, blasted the incumbent in a press release this morning for advertising a job posting on Craigslist, which he said is “notorious for being used by criminals and those peddling immorality.”

According to Gallo, Cymbrowitz’s campaign used the website to advertise a recent job opening. That action, Gallo suggests, puts him in the company of drug dealers and prostitutes.

“Instead of reaching out directly to college students, activists or employment agencies, Steven Cymbrowitz chose a website notorious for being used by criminals and those peddling immorality,” wrote Gallo. “Steven Cymbrowitz is supposedly sensitive to issues of addiction, yet advertises to employ people on the same website where drug pushers freely sell addictive prescription drugs like Adderall.  He also proclaims to be ‘conservative’, yet advertises alongside drug dealers, prostitutes and people seeking ‘casual encounters’.  How can he justify this?” said Gallo.

The ad Gallo refers to was posted yesterday, and is seeking part-time staffers for his campaign. A second ad mentioned in Gallo’s e-mail was posted in July, advertising for interns to work on constituent issues in his office. It has since expired and been removed from the site.

To prove the point that Craigslist is more nefarious than an opium den, Gallo notes that the NYPD recently conducted a major sting, netting 21 arrests of those illegally selling prescription narcotics on the site. Selling illegal items is against Craigslist’s Terms of Service.

In the press release, Gallo describes Craigslist as “a website where users place advertisements for just about anything, including illegal and immoral wares.”

It also just happens to be the ninth most visited website in the United States, and claims 60 million individual users in the United States a month.

That’s a lot of prostitutes and drug dealers. We await Cymbrowitz’s justification for throwing his lot in with them.

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  1. The only proper response to this is HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    I hope for the sake of the challenger this is a bad attempt at courting our most prized possession – low-information voters. Because that would otherwise mean he really believes his own rhetoric here. That is worse than bad political hucksterism. Much worse.


  2. This candidate’s comments are sheer insanity. Hundreds of thousands of users use craigslist,if not more. That’s like saying that if I go to a CVS pharmacy, and in one of the several hundred CVS pharmacies, one of the pharmacists is selling a controlled substance under the counter, then I’m somehow in league with that pharmacist.

  3. Republicans here are either insane or must be thinking that all Sheepshead Bay residents are insane, or both.
    “Negrohood”, non-Jewish wife, Craigslist – what’s next?

    Mr. Gallo, do you know how to operate Google? (It really is just a “series of tubes”: ) If not, ask your young page (to Google, that is, only to Google):

    So, why all these Republican candidates all across the United States advertise alongside drug dealers, prostitutes and people seeking ‘casual encounters’. How can they justify this?

  4. oy. Gallo just confirmed his intelligence level that’s fer sure. I’m no Cymbrowitz fan per se (independent) but Gallo hasn’t a chance now.

  5. I sold my old (Deliverance days) Grumman canoe on Craig’s List. Didn’t even claim it as income. Does that mean I’m in league with the Somali pirates?

  6. So I guess the millions of people that use craigslist to find legit work are all vagrants and criminals?

  7. What Ned left off from his rundown (“In League” – Really?) is that Cymbrowitz also advertised in July for campaign interns to work on “onstituent” issues – a governmental function. Mixing government and campaign work is a big no-no.

    If Cymbrowitz wants to run as a full-throated “conservative” to pander for votes, then he should BE “conservative” in action as well. You may disagree with his views, but Russell Gallo is undeniably a conservative – like the majority of the district.

  8. That is nuts. Gallo is reaching desperately for something to attack Cymbrowitz with. Craigslist is used by many, many legitimate users. Are there scams and other bad things going on there? Yes, but that doesn’t mean everyone using Craigslist is one of the bad guys. Shut up and go away, Gallo.

  9. First, you linked an article that identifies itself as “Russell Gallo Press Release” (look at the very end). So what’s new there?

    Second, in July Cymbrowitz was looking for government work, and now he is looking for campaign staff. Let’s see: July, August, September, October… It would be legal even if this would be “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday”, but it was almost 4 months apart!

  10. Right – the press release brought up an additional issue about another ad that Ned chose not to mention here (no value judgment there, Ned – just pointing it out). I didn’t say the second ad was illegal – read my post again. I said that the July ad was also put out by the Cymbrowitz campaign looking for a intern to do both campaign and government work – again, that violates campaign finance policies. Stop making straw man arguments.

  11. It’s sad and scary that so many people who think they’re qualified to represent us in legislative bodies are such jerks.

  12. Statements like the one discussed in article above certainly raise mental health concerns. Couple that with all the “rape” talk in the Midwest, and we have a problem.


    Only 27% of Americans “belong” to the Republicans. 31% “belong” to the Democrats. And 40% like to think of themselves as “independents” (ha).

    Now when it comes to actual voting, and something around or near half the VOTERS in a given election go and vote Republican, then you are right. And if you’d like to think that a lot of the independents have “conservative” views that make them more likely to vote Republican and so it feels like “half the country belongs to” the Republicans, then sure go right ahead and think that, it’s not a ridiculous notion.

  14. Quote:

    According to that ad, Cymbrowitz’s “campaign manager” looked for interns to work under the “District Representative” on “constituent casework”, referring to the governmental function of Cymbrowitz’s office.

    So where does it say that those interns will be doing any campaign-related work at all? It specifically mentions “constituent casework” only.

  15. As is too often the case you do not read comments in their entirety.

    In some places the party has been taken over fully by the fringe elements. That is not arguable.

    Read what Republican officials are saying with a large degree of impunity and tell me these are sane people. I do not need to provide examples, you know quite well what I’m talking about.

  16. Do you even read the crap you’re referring to?

    In July, he sought campaign interns by listing a Craigslist ad under the “government jobs” section

    He’s raising a stink that the campaign jobs were posted in the “government” section which if you were to check: are almost NEVER government jobs because they are so rare and when they do show up they are posted by gov’t offices of Democrats and Republicans alike. It’s not a section of strictly gov’t jobs (clearly since you don’t see DCAS posting there) but for jobs that maybe loosely related to government.

    It’s a non-issue like the ads being posted on CL. What is an issue is the lack of sanity Gallo just demonstrated.

  17. “Mixing government and campaign work is a big no-no.” You are the expert. Your sleazy, losing campaign was a big no-no.

  18. Well, I wouldn’t say it’s not relevant. I don’t mind him mentioning it, and we did in fact consider including it in the article. However, upon looking at the ad, I didn’t see the issue as glaring as the press release suggested. It was not a search for a campaign intern, it was a search for an office intern that appears to have been posted by a campaign staff member (or there was a typo saying as much). It is not illegal or unethical, by my understanding, to have a campaign manager advertise for a job for office interns, and so I chose to leave it out of the article to keep it concise and instead focus on what was the bulk of the press release.

  19. The negrohood thing was done by a Democrat. The non-Jewish wife thing was allegedly done by that same Democrat, though it’s unclear who exactly was behind it. Also, the internet is a series of tubes. Google is just one of the tubes. 😉

  20. You are technically correct, of course, but that perpetrator is not a Democrat, not by any measure other than by virtue of self-registration. DINO, or it was all a provocation.

  21. Is this the same Galo who is using the Internet to get this story out.. the same internet that promotes all kinds of immorality and illegal activity?


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