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Furniture Store And More Coming To New Voorhies Development


Owners of the three-story development at 1810 Voorhies Avenue have wrapped up construction and are finalizing its roster of tenants, the building’s manager told Sheepshead Bites.

The building is so far slated to house a furniture store and doctor’s office on the first floor, and a day care on the second floor. The third floor is still in negotiations, with the day care potentially occupying that as well,  according to the manager, David Fernandez.

Community Board 15 voted in February 2011 to reject the building’s developer application to permit the reduction in required parking  for an ambulatory or diagnostic treatment facility. The board was urged on by Councilman Michael Nelson, who argued that a furniture store on Voorhies Avenue with no off-street docking area for trucks would lead to more congestion on the already nightmarish roadway.

The Board of Standards and Appeals, which has final say over the application, has not yet voted on the project.

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  1. When the customers for the umpteenth furniture store in the Bay get tired of their purchase they can either pawn it in the same convenient location or leave yet another pile out on the sidewalk. How much of a market for these places is there?
    Of course one can’t toss a dead something without hitting another medical office. Voorhies is sick with them. Take a right turn on Sheepshead Bay Road and Voorhies and you’ll find 4 of them within 100 feet of each other. I gave directions to a well spoken and very polite Russian lady the other day to one of them.

  2. we also need a bakery, a kosher deli, an IHOP,a Popeyes,  & Wendy’s, no more banks, wedding stores, or more 99 cent stores.

  3. If someone puts another bakery in the Bay I think I would scream. They are not even good bakeries. What ever happened to Star Bucks? lol

  4. Unless you plan on buying property and opening your own business…   The market will dictate.  Just stating the obvious. Oh, and I agree a book store would be nice. Do you have plans to open one soon?

  5. exactly, so we can delete some of your useless comments.  your “needs” list is nothing but your own,  video game store and comic book shop- yes, just what we need, NOT.  you can fulfill your desires by  branching out of sheepshead bay, just a little bit – nostrand and P for example, to a comic and memorabilia shop.

    book store would be nice in theory, but as someone else said – no demand, so they wont survive.  the only surviving independent book shop i know of in our general area is on coney island and P – go visit. 

  6. i think the dude meant REAL bakeries, you know, Schluckers, Allenbys, Wiesens. The old school bakery. Ain’t none of dose around anymore.

  7. There are four places that I can think of that at least grind their coffee daily on Sheepshead Bay Road itself, and two more just off of it. 

    Georgia: What bakeries are you talking about? And keep Starbucks out of here. Starbucks is decent at best in the suburbs, but every NYC location I’ve ever been to has been filthy, overcrowded, rude staff and poorly made coffee.

  8. We don’t need video games or a comic book store – grow up people!  We have dunkin donuts, the nightlight cafe, the coffee spot, bagel boy, the mini marts, so we definitely don’t need a coffee shop, a book store would be nice.  The doesn’t need list is pretty thorough, but keep Bay Pizzaria and get rid of DelMar.  Delmar always sucked.  What we can use on Sheepshead Bay Road is a decent butcher store, there used to  be 2 of them.  

  9. And there’s a comic book/memorabilia store on Gravesend Neck Road, west of 15th street, The Stand.  Kon, have you checked them out?

  10. Not a real comic book store. I want some place that gets new issues every Wednesday. The closest comic book shop to us since the one on Coney Island closed, is in Park Slope.

  11. None of the above – We have a bakery right outside the train station which is pretty good.  No more restaurants as there is no parking now, unless you’re lucky enough to find a space in the Municipal lot.  I went out to go Citibank the other day, there were no spots in the municipal lot or on the streets.  I drove around for over 20 minutes, up and down the streets, around the blocks.  I finally ended up driving to Ralph Avenue to get to a citibank with parking.  

  12. While I have to agree to a small degree, let me tell you, Popeye’s is really good.  I love their dirty rice.  I can hardly wait for the restaurant to open on Nostrand and Neck rd.  I’ll be there!

  13. Ahhhh – Schluckers.  I just had a flashback from my childhood.  The old ladies used to give my mother the broken cookies for me, my brother and sister.  They were delicious.  Wiesens is missed also.  

  14. There is only 1 bakery in the area – the one right outside the station – it’s ok.  Starbucks is on Brighton 7th and Brighton Beach Avenue.  Actually, a good bakery wouldn’t be a bad thing.  Does anyone remember the Ebingers bakery that used to be on sbr?  It was a real bakery, not the boxed cake.

  15. Starbucks coffee is not piss – it’s more like battery acid.    Good coffee at the Coffee Spot.  Jerome Avenue, right off Sheepshead Bay Road.  

  16. More than 2 places.  Dunkin Donuts, the mini marts, coffee spot, nightlight cafe, the Bakery, lots of places.

  17. I don’t know that real 99 cents stores exist any more.  It’s always 99 cents and above.  

  18. This building is all NO FOULT and medical  Froud Money …… maybe it could be a comunety service building…..

  19. Also, T & D Bakery on Ave U (btw E23rd/24th) – real old school Italian and fairly cheap prices (especially the assorted all-butter Italian cookies by the pound!).

  20. Going to have to disagree. Really haven’t liked Bay Pizza in such a long time… and Del Mar squares, excellent.   But I agree wholeheartedly about the butcher. It’s over 20 years (30?) since there was one.  

  21. Of course I remembers Ebingers bakery they were great, but those days are gone.
    Wisners was a very good bakery on sbr I can name so many around the neighborhood. There was a bakery on Ave U & East 16th street also. Then came carvel.

  22. I hope it passes and the traffic there is a nightmare for Councilman Nelson. Let’s not forget the real reasons he was finally against over development for the first time ever in his life. 

    If you have ever spoken to him I am curious as to your opinion of his intellect. We have had some form of term limits in NYC since the 90’s, yet Carl Kruger’s former Chief of Staff has held the same Council seat since the late 90’s. What do we have to show for this, outside of the abundance of new and bigger houses/condos/medic facilities that we can say this Councilman has achieved in the now 13+ years he has been there in City Hall? 

  23. Hey everyone
    It’s actually not a furniture store
    It’s going to be a baby/child specialty store
    Toys, strollers, car seats, breastfeeding suppiles,clothing, shoes and much more fun stuff
    This is our second location from 2002 Coney Island Ave
    Come visit us soon
    Thank You
    Alex Norbert Beata Rachel ( owners )

  24. Hi

    We are the tenants that are the owners of that “furniture store”. We are not a furniture store at all. ANB baby is a boutique baby store that is a one stop shop for pregnancy and all baby and kids needs. From breast pumps to strollers to bottles and so much more. This is our second location. Come see us soon.

  25. I think I heard about it, This store has produced very good deals as well for all babies accessories.  Before 6 months i visited here.


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