Frozen Yogurt Comes to South Slope

Frozen Yogurt Comes to South Slope

This is what gentrification looks like, via Wikimedia Commons

HPS reports that Thrifty Liquidators, formerly one of South Slope’s many semi-interchangable discount stores, is being replaced with…wait for it…a new frozen yogurt place.

But don’t we already have a frozen yogurt place?, one might ask. And to them, I would say no, no we do not have a frozen yogurt place. We in fact have four frozen yogurt places. But four frozen yogurt places cannot, apparently, satiate our need for the stuff, which we are re-embracing with the fervor of early 90s mall-goers.

It is true that so far, the yogurt craze has mainly centered in North Slope. Our Southern brethren have been stuck trekking 10 or 15 blocks north — often more — to get their fix. But no more: the new place will be on 5th between 11th and 12th Streets, a whole 8 blocks from the current southernmost option.

Can South Slope sustain it? HPS seems to think so: “while it may not be the most creative or necessary move, I’m sure it’ll get plenty of business.” After all, the neighborhood cannot live on beer and retro cocktails alone.